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School Councillors gave out questionnaires within their own classes and then they collated the results shown on this questionnaire. The results suggest that most pupils are very happy in their school and are learning well. There are a couple of areas that deserve our attention:

Questions 7 and 8 paint a dark picture of other children's behaviour. In fact, this is not the case; but it does show how deeply other children are affected by the smallest incident. Behaviour at Green Park School is outstanding, and it is now clear that when something happens- however small - the children have a very dim view of it. This is actually good news, as it highlights the fact that children are, on the whole, not exposed to poor behaviour and, when it happens, it affects them much more.

Question 9 shows that just one child did not know of an adult to turn to if worried. We could congratulate ourselves on having 41 children who do, but we need that figure to be 100%. The school councillors have been asked to return to their classes and ensure that all children are aware of adults to talk to if worried.