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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School


Visit to the Ploughing on Thursday 26th September 2019

The amazing day at the  ploughing match

As we arrived at the ploughing match, we listened to some fascinating facts about bees. We learnt that bees are very clean animals and when they die they carry the dead bee around there hive until they can be released. We also learnt that bees make honeycomb and it looks a lot like earwax .After that we went and spoke to a lady  about all the things they made out of sheep wool she made pillows hats soap body butter . After that we went to see different types of cheese and jam such as cheddar stilton cheshire and many other flavours of cheese and jam .A couple minutes after  we went to look at the different types of tractors we saw steam tractors old tractors new addition tractors and petite tractors large tractors and colourful  tractors .

Later on in the day, we went to listen to a man talk about the ploughing and how they did it and why and how they made food, while he was talking, we had a snack that was healthy such as fruit and veg I had watermelon slices my friend Tilly had raisins and my other friend Angelika had grapes. A little boy called Ryan wanted to eat his whole packed lunch. After that, we went to see a man in a digger. It was very cool watching him stack things on top of each other without dropping them the most amazing part was when he played jenga with the sticks without dropping them.

Just before we went to lunch, we saw dog racing the dogs were called Dexter phoebe ellie and bailey they were meant to be chasing a fox teddy but instead they was just chasing and fighting each other. Then we went to see vegetables there were onions cabbage leeks carrots red and white potatoes green cooking apples. Finally lunch had came I had  a ham roll  cheese apple jaffa cakes .

After  we went to see the birds of prey the first bird we saw was a English hawk when the man did a wavey motion the hawk came to him .The next bird we saw was a eagle the eagle flew over everyones head it was very busy .the next bird was a falcon from asia it was second on list to be extinct .Then finally the last bird was a cute fluffy baby owl .

Lastly we went to a boarding school stall to get some cookies one was shortbread another was oaty nuts . Then we went to feed a horse it was so cute and soft .We got an invisible ink pen from the police man and we got some stickers from the firefighters .That was our day completed it was a very fun day I am so happy I got chose to go to it .

by Leila rose gilbert


The amazing trip to the ploughing match!

When we arrived to the ploughing match we first went to a nice man who told us some facts about our bees, how they pollinate and how to make a queen bee I learned so many stuff just in one place!  Next we went to look at some cheese some are blue cheese, cheddar, stilton, and Cheshire cheese. After that we went to see the sheep wool there was some oil to make it scented like night oil that one was especially unique for me. We went to see the tractors big small old new and colourful tractors.

We then went to see the tractors plough the field P.S the field was ginormous! The yellow tractor was in the lead then a man who knew about many tractors came and explained some facts Fun Fact: tractors dig deep underground (200cm) to grow new crops. Then we watched a small tractor playing Jenga and it was just like it! (Personally I think it’s a talent) it also drilled through thick wood!

Just before we went to lunch we went to see a dog race the dogs were especially trained for this so there was a toy rabbit and a man was moving it the dogs were in a box and if the man had to lift it up, the dogs were racing fast! Dexter was the champion he was as fast as lightning. Now it was lunch FINALY I was starving!

Whelp after that we went to see the birds of prey the first bird we saw was a baby barn owl it was adorable I wanted to keep it then a falcon we even saw it up close it looked bold then a Hauk it looked loyal. And lastly we went to feed a horse

It was a really fun time at the ploughing shame I will never see it again

From Angelika   


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