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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School


Reading competition - Thursday 22nd March 2018


Our Day At The Reading Competition

When we arrived at St Richards School we all went and checked in. After that, we entered the hall where we would be reading. There were loads of people there! There were all sorts of schools such as: Langdon, Charlton, Green Park (us) , Ash and St Richards.

Once we had all settled down the first person from year five and six went up to a table and picked three texts to read, each one was different. There was a non-fiction, a poem and a fiction text. The judges were at a table in the corner of the room writing their thoughts down and everyone else was silent.

After the first person had finished it was my turn. Mrs Hardy went up with me and helped me pick the texts I would read and then I went up and read my texts. When I finished, everybody clapped and I took my seat with my classmates. The other children from year five and six read the texts and took their seats.

When the year five and sixes were done, it was time for the year three and fours to read. Again, somebody was called up from a school and they read and so on until everybody in year three and four were done.

Next it was time for the year ones and twos to read so up the first person went until everyone had finished reading. The judges were making their decisions so Mrs Hardy took everyone in the entire reading competition to a room in the school so we could all do a poem in front of everyone.

This poem was called The Smugglers Song by Rudyard Kipling. We performed the poem in front of the judges and the teachers. After our poem it was time to find out who had won from year five and six, year three and four and year one and two.

Sadly, nobody won from Green Park, however I’m really glad that I took part because it is something I will always remember. I’m really proud of myself. Also, we all got a bag of chocolate at the end for participating. We all had fun and that’s what matters.

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