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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School


Craft workshops at Ivy Bank House - Friday 16th March 2018

Hello my name is Cerys Gilbert and I am a year 5 pupil (age 9) that attends Green Park Community Primary School in Dover.

My school is outstanding not just because that’s what OFSTED says about us, but that’s because all the children here also think it is! As the name suggests- my school is for the heart of the community and Green Park is a school that tries its best to reach out to everyone in our community regardless of going to our school or not .

With this in mind, I want to tell you about my friend Gary fryer and his brilliant idea.

His idea was to promote more respect and connect with the elderly in our community .He was inspired by an English lesson based on The Man on the Moon this was the theme of a John Lewis Christmas advert from a few years ago and also a brief conversation he had whilst singing to some residents of Ivy Bank House in Temple Ewell ( our school choir goes at Christmas to sing Christmas songs). Gary came back to school glowing with the realisation that he actually could have so much in common with an elderly man in his 80’s even though he is only 9 years old. They spoke of their love and interest of  planes and the fact they both had family members that were Spitfire pilots in WW2. A simple and heartfelt connection between the generations .Gary wanted to do more...

“ I arranged a cake sale for the whole school ,I made posters and even did a PowerPoint presentation to promote this with my friend Anna .We wanted  to encourage people to bake and people to buy the home- made goodies. It was so well supported we raised almost £90 ! My intention was to use the money to purchase art materials to take to Ivy Bank House and run some art and craft workshops with the elderly residents.” (Gary –Lee Fryer )

Last Friday 6 of us including myself, and our teacher did exactly this .We shared skills, ideas, we chatted, we laughed, and we built friendships. Overall, we are learning to value what we as children and elderly people in our community have to offer to each other. It was the best time ever as it always is being with friends.

The theme for this first session was Friendship Glasses! We made together wild, wacky outrageous, glamorous glasses using a range of materials and of course loads of glittery bling! It was great working together , deciding on what shapes to cut the cards into ,the theme of the creations ,and even the positions of the pom -poms .I personally enjoyed choosing colours that sometimes matched and other times didn’t ( that’s what made these glasses so wild and fabulous as you can see from the photos attached)  When we wore our glasses and looked at each other realising there were no barriers to what we can achieve, just new friends having fun together regardless of age or how life has become.

We hope to continue our friendship between Green Park Community Primary School and our buddies at Ivy Bank House and in our next session we will read our stories written in class and make some Easter decoration’s together.














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