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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

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Welcome to our school news page

Here you can keep-up-to-date with all the latest news from Green Park Community Primary School

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  • 02/11/20

    Please help us by keeping at a social distance when queueing up to drop off your children into school and when collecting your children at the end of the day

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  • 17/06/20

    For The Foundation Stage new intake parents - Watch the video tour! 😂

    Information for new intake parents starts in September 2020. Watch the video at Green Park Tour on the page!
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  • 22/01/21

    Assembly meeting today (Friday 22nd January)

    See below for meeting assembly this afternoon.  
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  • 12/01/21

    Zoom Assembly

    Here's the link for the assembly on Friday
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  • 31/08/20

    First day back to school:-

    First day back - you should already know this messages on facebook!
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  • 31/08/20

    Updates school dinner and Menus

    Please go to the parents page for school dinner and menus
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  • 18/06/20

    Year 6 Transition

    To all Year 6 children, we are currently busy emailing and telephoning your secondary schools to make sure they have all the information they need as they prepare to welcome you to the next stage of your education.  More information to follow in the coming weeks...
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  • 08/06/20

    Family Learning Virtual Courses

    Any parents are welcome to do the virtual courses and click the link.
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