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Green Park Community Primary School

Elizavet Greek Restaurant

Elizavet Greek restaurant

Elizavet Greek restaurant Review.

Do you want to experience real Greek food in the heart of Kent that will not break your piggy bank? If so, come and dine at Elizavet's in the ancient cinque port town of Sandwich...

If this was the sort of food that you would taste on holiday you would wonder to yourself...

"Why can't they fly these chefs and the beaming sunshine back to Kent?"

The staff at Elizavet know your name before you even finish your first glass of ruby red Greek wine -the owner, Eliza being the most hospitable and gracious of women I have ever met! The atmosphere is reminiscent of walking into a family run restaurant on an exotic Greek Island; minus the meowing stray cats and cast of Mama-Mia!

What's more, Eliza and her fabulous team have developed a brilliantly, efficient process of solving the sheer agony of what sumptuous treats to choose from the extensive menu; you can for example, pick out a large sharing platter of Greek dips: hummus, chilli and smoked red pepper dip, tzatziki (cool cucumber and mint) and finally tarmozlata. These are all served with warm, home-made flat-bread fingers. Delicious! This was so delightful that even Zeus himself would have fainted with delight!

Unsurprisingly, my favourite dip was the chilli and smoked pepper dream! I simply love spice! The spicy sensation crawled over my tongue like rinsing mouthwash. Personally, most of the tongue tingling treats were as delectable as the last; this must be nectar of the God's! Many days even before the excursion to Elizavet Greek Restaurant I could actually smell the fragrance of the finest foreign food -that is how excellent this restaurant actually is!

Due to this, I highly recommend that you visit this outstanding tourist trap for authentic Greek cuisine!

Jayden C, Head chef at Hotel Coe in Wingham and food critic for Trip Advisor Good Restaurant Guide 2016.




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