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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Science Jamboree - July 2018

Year 6 trip to Science Jamboree

The Science Jamboree at East Kent Business Park, Sandwich is an event Green Park never misses, as it is always an exciting and informative trip. This year was no exception: there were solid liquids, wriggling larvae and even exploding gases!

Each class of year six children began their afternoon with three different activity stations. During these interactive workshops the children were taught by visiting organisations about a particular area of science, before taking part in the experiment set up for them. We looked at how temperature affects larvae, we examined a spider’s exoskeleton, we scrutinised different hairs under a microscope, we built 3D structures using triangles, we explored the properties of gases, we played with non-Newtonian fluids and we made our own models of blood.

For the last hour of the day, all schools joined together to watch a science show, which this year was all about gases. Some of our children even made a stage appearance – being tricked into blowing up impossible balloons. The trip definitely showed us all how exciting science can be and how it is an essential part of so many different jobs. The teachers can’t wait to see what the Jamboree has in store next year.


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