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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Living Land - Detling

A Day at Living Land, Detling 


A Day at Living Land

Have you ever seen a woolly sheep dance? Well I have, at the astonishing Detling show ground. On a boiling hot day, we went on Thursday 5th May 2016. Let me tell you all the important things we did.

Astonishing Animals

Moo! First, we went to the cows that were in a tent. One of the cows had long, black tongue that licked Mr Hempenstall. Next to the cows were the crazy bulls that had sharp horns on their hairy heads. There were a lot of other farm animals.

Beautiful Birds of Prey

After that we went to the birds of prey. It is where a man showed us lots of hunting owls and birds. The falcon was white and had a crash helmet. The vulture was brown and had very colossal wings. So last of all we saw the barn owl. The barn owl was my favourite because I like owls and birds.

Discovery and Machinery

After the birds of prey, we saw the machinery. One of the men showed us how to care wood. So he got a piece of wood and held it. Then he got his tools and carved it like a tile.

Sheep Show

Finally, we went to the sheep show, which I thought was unbelievable, because I had never seen a sheep dance. A man, who was a really loud speaker, sheared a woolly sheep. One of the sheep was called Douglas. Douglas was extremely woolly. Let me tell you a funny fact that one of the sheep did, he showed us his bottom and wagged his tail.

So go on any vehicle as quick as you can and go to Living Land, It’s amazing!                                                                                                                                                                                        

Report by Lilly-Ella McCairn                                                

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