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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Dover Castle smART Project

We were invited to Dover Castle, along with White Cliffs School, by the Dover SmART project- a local charity specialising in collaborative local art. The children took part in geocaching, team-building and art activities.

Report by Georgia Turnball

When we got to Dover Castle to do the Dover smART Project, some people were going to teach us about World War One. Their names were Pete and Dawn. They took us to a lookout. When we were going to the lookout we were taught how to march. "Left, left, left, right, left!". It had talking telephones and notice boards that had names and addresses from nearly 100 years ago. Anita spoke to us about how they used to make messages through the talking telephones. When Dawn gave us a sketchpad we went to a place where there were hundreds of pictures to sketch. When Dawn shouted "word" we had to write a word about what we could see. It could be anything in the room. If Dawn shouted "sketch" we had to sketch something we saw.

After that we went to explore and sketch things that are important. Next we went to a room where we had our lunch. It was an art room. After lunch we played a game where there was a minefield made out of ropes and we had to ship things across the minefield and if you touch the minefield you would have to start again. Next we went into the art room where Dawn and Pete were going to be doing some art. Dawn did sketching with us while Pete had two children to paint. After ten minutes Pete had a different pair, After you had painted and sketched we listened to a poem and after that we chose five words or more to make a poem of our own. When Myah and Kimberly finished painting we put all of the paintings together. 

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