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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

The Polar Express

Children shocked as the magical polar express

arrives outside their classroom!

On Tuesday 10th December 2018 all the excited children made their way into the hall as today something very mysterious was going to happen…

First we all made are way up to our colossal classrooms to read our lovely books. After about 20 minutes of silent reading, there was a mysterious noise coming from outside. Quickly, everyone in Regents class ran as quick as a Hyena into the extremely   noisy corridor\the polar express. Inside the train were the polar express round tickets with a menu. On this menu it had written on it hot chocolate and cookies! We sang songs merrily altogether like: the twelve days of Christmas, merry Christmas everyone and Rudolph the red nose reindeer while waiting for our choc chip cookies and hot chocolate.

After that, all the 3\4 classes went into their classrooms to create their very own North Pole. Zola quoted “ I am making my snow globe like a winter wonderland!”

So after we had all finished everybody went over to Mr Silva to get some string to tie a few knots to make our globes hang up from the celling.

After our splendid lunch break Greenwich, Northumberland, regents and Kensington all watched the incredible, legendary and tremendous movie called the polar express. It was the best movie that has ever been made! If you have never seen this film you are as crazy as D.R Francis Crick…

Afterwards, 3\4 went out onto the huge top playground to stretch their long legs and have a bit of fresh air as we had been inside for about one hour watching the polar express. Later, at about 10 past 3 we all came into our classes, got changed out of our comfy pyjamas into our tidy school uniform and headed home.

By Kayla


The polar express suddenly arrived outside the shocked children’s classroom!

The day that the steamy polar express arrived was Tuesday 10th of December 2018.First, we were told to meet everyone in 3\4 in the hall and get changed into our pyjamas.  Then we went up to our classrooms from the outside. So the next thing we did was read our books for 10-15 minutes. Suddenly, there was a noisy and steamy train outside our classrooms and we were so excited that we all ran on the fancy polar express.

The conductor\Mr H told us that we were going to the North Pole and to see Santa himself. We were given a menu and it said we would get hot chocolate and cookies. After the train started moving we had hot chocolate and cookies and it was scrumptious. After that we were talking to our friends for 20 minutes. Then we were singing Christmas songs and then we read the story of the polar express. Then we were told to draw the North Pole on a paper snow globe and then colour it in. Then we went over to Mr Silva so we could make a hole and thread string into the hole and hang it up on the liner in the classroom. After our splendid lunch we had a play like an ordinary day.

After that we read our books for 15 minutes and we all went in to Kensington and met with Northumberland and Greenwich. After we settled in to the classroom we watched the polar express. Then after 50 minutes 3\4 went outside and had a stretch and get fresh air. Then we went to go watch the rest of the polar express. Finally, we got changed out of our cosy pyjamas and got in are school clothes. Then we went home.

By Zola-Rae

The Polar Express









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