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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

British Science Week

In term 4 the British Science Week

This term we joined in with British Science Week.  Science week is an event that schools across the country take part in and this year’s theme was journeys. As a whole school we looked at different types of journey, in Key Stage 1 we focussed on the journey of food.

We started the day thinking about where food comes from, we discussed ingredients in different foods and thought about whether they were from an animal or a plant. We thought about the journey our food takes from the farm, to a factory, then a supermarket and finally to our home.

After break we looked at the journey the food takes once we start eating it. We learnt about the digestive system and the different parts included in that.  We had a go at making a model of the digestive system which was exciting and disgusting at the same time!

That afternoon we looked at the Eatwell plate and thought about how to keep our bodies healthy. We discussed sugar and salt in different foods and drinks and designed our own Eatwell plate.

We had a really fun day exploring the journey of food and some of our work and photos from the day are on display in school. 

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