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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Botany Bay

Botany Bay beach - Friday 13th July 2018

Palace Class had a fantastic trip to Botany Bay on Friday.  The children loved bringing their own sand toys and building huge sand castles, they searched for decorations and found ‘treasures’ across the beach such as shells and pebbles to bury in the sand and leave behind for the pirates.  Of course, once the children had the idea of burying things they began to bury each other in the sand and a few of the adults too!

The children enjoyed having lunch on the beach with their key groups and the sun came out to finish the day off with some really beautiful weather.  There were a few sneaky seagulls swooping about but the children were just as keen to scare off the seagulls as the seagulls were to scavenge a bit of lunch!

After lunch we all went for a little paddle in the sea.  Some of the children were feeling a bit nervous but everyone was really brave and had such fun splashing each other and jumping up and down in the waves.  A few of our children turned into mermaids and enjoyed sitting on the shore, letting the waves wash over their feet, but the most exciting part of splashing about was definitely watching some of the Palace Class staff pull each other into the waves!

All the children behaved beautifully, as they always do.  We had such a great day out together and was a lovely way to end our topic.

Well done Palace Class!

Description: V:\EYFS PHOTOS 2017-2018\Term 6\Botany Bay\ipad pics (82).JPG              Description: V:\EYFS PHOTOS 2017-2018\Term 6\Botany Bay\IMAG0140.JPG

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