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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Palace class - June 2018

Busy in Palace class - Forest school, Father's day and Sports day

Palace Class Update June 2018

Our term so far has been incredible!  We’ve been super busy and term has only just begun!  There’s still lots to look forward to but we’ll give you a quick update of things that have happened so far…

The children have been very excited about forest school.  Who wouldn’t be? Exploring the woods, finding bugs in bug hotels, learning about habitats and so much more…but let’s not forget getting covered in mud, which is a definite highlight for lots of Palace Class, adults included!  It is wonderful to see the children so engaged and excited by this project and to hear all their lovely ideas and questions.

Description: V:\EYFS PHOTOS 2017-2018\Term 6\Forest School\20 june (2).JPG         Description: V:\EYFS PHOTOS 2017-2018\Term 6\Forest School\IMG_0340.JPG

We enjoyed a great come and play day in preparation for Father’s day.  Not only did the children love playing games with their parents on the field but they had some really special reasons for what made their Dad so special…some were treat based, some were games and activity based and some were just “because it’s Dad.”  Palace class is full of delightful children!

Description: V:\EYFS PHOTOS 2017-2018\Term 6\Fathers day come and play\Fathers Day (17).JPG            Description: V:\EYFS PHOTOS 2017-2018\Term 6\Fathers day come and play\Fathers Day (18).JPG

We have also had our sports day this term.  The children took part in potted sports activities in the morning, using their sporting skills as they threw balls, skipped, jogged, batted and jumped their way around the field.  Everyone had a go at everything and tried their best and we are so proud of all the effort the children put in.  In the afternoon came the races, it was fantastic to see so many parents who came to cheer their children on in their running and obstacle races.  It was a brilliant day of sports.

Description: V:\EYFS PHOTOS 2017-2018\Term 6\Sports day\IMG_1312.JPGDescription: V:\EYFS PHOTOS 2017-2018\Term 6\Sports day\IMG_1226.JPG


We love to be busy with all these different activities and we always appreciate all the support and additional effort our parents put in to make these days special for the children.  So to end, we’d like to say thank you to our parents, not only for the activities we’ve mentioned above but for a whole year of great support! 

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