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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Update-o-saurus  - January 2018


Millions of years ago Dinosaurs ruled the Earth, until one day they mysteriously disappeared and became extinct.  Was it a meteor?  Was it a volcano?  Or was it a mighty pants war? (as the book ‘Dinosaurs love Underpants’ tells us)  One thing no-one knew was that one dinosaur survived, she left her egg in Palace Class for the children to care for.  It took weeks to hatch and the children were very careful not to damage the egg and to keep it warm.  Then, one day, the children noticed a small crack in the egg…the next day it was open but empty and real live bearded-dragon-o-saurus was ready to meet the class!!! 

The children loved meeting him, holding him and feeding him crickets.  We noticed that he used claws to climb and that he had bumpy skin.  The children were excellent, handling him carefully and really welcoming him to our class before sending him home to his Mummy at the end of the day.

What an amazing visit!  We love learning all about dinosaurs – counting them, adding them, writing about them, painting them, making them in clay and searching for them in sand like archaeologists, and learning new words such as extinct, carnivore and herbivore. 

Well done Palace Class!





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