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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Space Station

Space Station topic..

We have had an amazing topic based on Space.  It has been a blast and all children loved being space explorers for a few weeks. 

Our parents and children started things off perfectly bringing in absolutely beautiful rockets that they made together at home.  These masterpieces were hung up in the classroom and really helped make the class feel spacey while the children investigated space.  Each week we used a different space book.  One of the favourites was ‘Whatever Next’ when Baby Bear jets into space in his cardboard rocket and colander space helmet.  The true favourite though, has to be ‘Aliens love underpants.’  The children loved the rhymes and funny story as well as spotting aliens everywhere.   Half way through they were all seeing aliens everywhere in the classroom and were astounded when one turned up…sitting in the classroom by the whiteboard one day!  The children drew their own aliens, ordered numbers, many children loved writing silly sentences about pants as well as building aliens using playdough. 

These brilliant explorers have also been building shape rockets, learning to tell the time, exploring light and dark and how shadows are made.  They have been so busy and have achieved so much!

We also started our first set of swimming lessons this term.  Once again the children have really excelled and have grown in confidence over the last few weeks.  From children who were a bit nervous at the beginning, towards the last few weeks they were bold and brave – jumping in, blowing bubbles, swimming under water and splashing about with enormous smiles on their faces. 

It’s now time for the Christmas magic to begin…the nativity, the pantomime, the reindeer centre and so much more!  We look forward to giving you an update in a few weeks.





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