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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Rugby Tournament

Rubgy event - Tuesday 21st March 2017

Rugby Report

Team (From right to left to right)

Top : Paige Andrews, Lexi Bishop, Jessica Woodhouse, Kazy-Jo Taylor, Holly Graham

Bottom : Jack Wood, Henry Fadoro, Jake Spiers


Before we had even arrived at the rugby tournament we had encountered team issues with the inability to field enough players so there was a frantic effort to gather players who have had some experience playing rugby. To our delight two players stepped forward to offer themselves for the tournament to our delight, and so we were on our way.

Our first game was against Whitfield and from the get go it was apparent that they had practised as a team before, unlike our team which was crafted on the day. We were able to score after getting the idea of working together to get back to receive backward passes but this lead to the problem of us not being able to run forward when we did have the ball. In the end Whitfield had won and it left our team with some thinking to do.

Onto the second game, which was against Guston. When our team entered the field they had all received makeshift coaching techniques to help with the issues they encountered in the first game, and to the shock of myself and Mrs Hunter, the team we had fielded for the second game looked completely different to the team in the first, all managing to get in space and use their agile abilities to swarm through the Guston defence numerous time to score a hand full of tries. Scorers for this game included Henry and Jessica.

Our next game was against Kingsdown, and in this game we were feeling strong from the previous victory. We started with the ball which was immediately handed to Henry to skip past the Kingsdown defence to score our first try within seconds. The game was fairly even with both teams being able to score, with the occasional change of possession going in our favour we were able to see out another win with tries being scored by Jack and Henry.

Our fourth game was against Priory Fields and they had some stand out players. The game started off very even with both teams scoring and defending well. Similar to the last game it took a few knock on’s to produce a score for the other team, but in the end with Jack, Henry and Jessica all contributing to put a score on the board for us we ended up winning this match.

Onto our final game. This was the game that meant everything to both the kids and the teaching staff as there was previous confrontation earlier in the tournament which did not leave both Mrs Hunter and I with the happiest impression on the staff of White Cliffs nor the students. The game started off poorly with an official who wasn’t even paying attention to half the incidents occurring and ended up playing time past the half way mark long enough for them to score a minute after the whistle had gone. After a discussion with the event’s organiser we were given an official who had proved herself in the knowledge of rugby and safety to see out the final match. This match could be seen like a game of tennis with one team scoring, then the other, this was the story for the remainder of the match until we received a gift of their player running outside of the touch line giving us the ball and eventually leading to us scoring the winning try.


Both Mrs Hunter and I are extremely proud of the team and would like to say a massive well done on their performance.

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