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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

League Match vs Whitfield

Football league match - Tuesday 8th May 2018

League Match VS Whitfield


Because of the temperature that day it was decided to split the game into thirds instead of halves to ensure the players got sufficient breaks and fluids.


The game started off well for Green Park with good passing among the pitch. Throughout the whole of the first third green park were dominant with pressure being put onto Whitfield’s defence. Passing from the back lead to shots being taken and eventually one found the back of the net via the boot of Kyi Saunders. This gave Green Park more confidence to complete the first third strongly.


The second third kicks off and Green Park look less energetic than they did in the first. While passing was still good, Whitfield’s burst of energy saw them getting to the ball quicker and taking it off our hands. Numerous saves from Karl Pay kept Green Park in the match during the second third, unfortunately he couldn't stop every shot that was taken. The faster paced Whitfield closed the second third by putting two goals past us.


The final third kicks off and both teams are playing well, both demonstrating good passing, positioning, defending and overall teamwork. Both teams are creating equally decent opportunities, the only problem being that Whitfield were able to capitalise on these opportunities whereas Green Park were not. Whitfield end up putting two more goals past us with the end result being 4-1 to Whitfield.











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