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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Kevin Edwards Trophy

Kevin Edwards Trophy


Our team

Goalkeeper – Karl Pay

Defence – Connor Shields, Mitchell Sunter, Mason Biddle, Kyi Saunders

Midfield – Ryan McDonald, Kyden Rapley, Thomas Hawkins

Attack – Riley Daniels


Our first match of the tournament was against Aylesham and this proved to be a fairly even game. Green Park were at a disadvantage with the sun in their eyes and having to play uphill which made it harder not only on our goalkeeper, but on our attacking forces as well. During the game both teams created chances, but Aylesham created more. Luckily with our strong defence and sharp goalkeeper we were able to hold Aylesham to a 0-0 draw.

Our next game was against Whitfield, a team who were getting stronger as the season went on. At the start Whitfield looked the stronger team with good passing and balls going through our defence, ultimately they led to nothing. On the other hand, exceptional passing between Kyden, Thomas and Ryan gave our team numerous chances to score. Unfortunately it was not enough, another goalless match.

Our third match was against Sibertswold, who were by far the strongest team in the competition. The match started off fairly evenly with the possession being 50/50 for the first couple of minutes. A string of injuries took their toll on our players, giving Sibertswold the advantage, and eventually leading them to put a goal past us. We fought hard to get that goal back but it wasn’t to be, final score was 1-0 to Sibertswold.

Our final game was against The Downs, and for the first time in the tournament we had the advantage of the hill and the sun. The advantages seemed to have a positive effect on our team as they fought harder in this match than in any of the previous, and it showed on the pitch. Passes and run were linking up, and shot on goal were being taken. The Downs keeper was determined to not let us score, and it stayed like that for the rest of the match. Final score was 0-0.

A great effort from all players involved in the competition.

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