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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

League Match VS River

Year 5/6 Football League - 7th March 2018


Goalkeeper : Karl Pay

Defence : Mitchell Sunter, Connor Shields, Kyi Saunders

Midfield : Thomas Hawkins, Ryan McDonald

Attack : Riley Daniels


Our first league match of the season was against River, and this match is always the highlight of the footballer’s season. Our team wasn’t full as we had players who were away which left us with no substitutes. We started off the match well with a good amount of possession. River had a strong attacking force that day as they would constantly be putting pressure on our defence, and eventually putting one in the back of the net. Occasionally we were able to push upwards in the form of an attacking presence, but unable to score. Our goalkeeper Karl Pay had numerous saves to make in the first half, keeping River at bay. Coming towards the end of the first half, a good string of passes between Thomas Hawkins, Riley Daniels and Ryan McDonald ended up giving us a key chance to score, but unfortunately the shot went wide, River capitalised on this having scored a lucky goal to bring the first half to a close. The second half kicked off and both teams were at a stale mate, both teams applying pressure and defending well, with equal opportunities being created. Strong defending from Connor Shields, Mitchell Sunter and Kyi Saunders saw that we didn’t concede another goal for the rest of the half, while op the other end of the pitch, Thomas Hawkins, Ryan McDonald and Riley Daniels were giving the goalkeeper something to do, but it was a similar story with neither team scoring in the second half. The final score was River 2, Green Park 0.


League Match VS River






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