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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Netball Tournament

Year 5 and 6 Netball


Netball Report

The team: Henry Fadoro, Sophie Fadoro, Jessica Woodhouse, Finley Fletcher, Lola Cook, Lexi Bishop and Rebecca Shirt

Our first game was against River B and as every fixture against river goes, it’s one that we want to win. We started off well showing dominance on the court with a good knowledge of how to play netball. We were passing well and getting into good positions which assisted us in the scoring of two points, our defence was strong as well, meaning River were struggling, firstly to get into our shooting zone, and secondly, to actually score, the final score was Green Park School 2 – River 1.

Our next game was against Charlton, one of our collaboration schools. Mrs Stroud and Mrs Hunter have been working with Charlton’s netball coach organising friendlies with lower Key Stage 2 children and so this game was kind hearted, but still a tournament fixture that we needed to win, and our children knew that. Similarly to the first game we started strong demonstrating our knowledge and flexibility in the squad. Every game we had to take off two different children and every child on court had to play a different position so the effort and result of our team shows how well they did to understand the rules and how to adapt. In the end we kept all our knowledge and understanding for the game and managed to win. Final score, Green Park School 2 – Charlton 0

Our third game was against Priory Fields, and this game started differently, it was as if the children of Green Park School had forgotten how to play netball. Their positioning was weaker and their ability to pass and shoot was not accurate and ineffective. Mrs Hunter and I believe the children got too comfortable with two wins in a row and that it may have affected their attitude towards this match. Priory Fields were sure to punish us letting us know that they have children who can pass and find space and shoot. The only questionable outcome of this game was their two offensive players, the rules said each child had to play a different position throughout the tournament but both Mrs Hunter and I observed them merely keeping their two offensive players there throughout the tournament including the semi-final. Overall the score was Green Park School 0 – Priory Fields 3

After the defeat our children were up to play against Sandwich. The previous match must have been an eye opener to our children as they were running full throttle from the start of this game. From the very first pass the ball going through the hoop, their technique was flawless. The children began to work like the team we saw every week at netball practise, of all the performances that day, this was the one to be proud of. Final score was Green Park School 3 – Sandwich 0

From the previous game against Sandwich, we took our upbeat attitude and put it into our next game against White Cliff’s. Similar to the last game our technique was flawless and our execution was impeccable. Our team were working together as if they had known each other for 10 years, their communication was excellent and their passing and shooting was on the dot. Final result was Green Park School 4 – White Cliff’s 0

Our final league game was against Kingsdown. Kingsdown have always performed well at netball throughout the years and this game was no exception, they started off stronger than us putting passes in positions we weren’t able to reach as quickly, and their shooting was phenomenal, as was

ours, we just didn’t find as many opportunities as them. Final score was Green Park School 1 – Kingsdown 4.

With our excellent efforts we progressed to the semi-final, against River. The children were regarding this match and the most important match of the tournament, more important than the final, and I believe that was our downfall. The children put too much pressure on themselves to beat River that they forgot about enjoying the game and the tournament and that lead to attitudes dropping, thus, poorer communication and morale. We did however put up a good fight against River and we kept the game close, so close that there was only one score to decide the winner, unfortunately, River beat us 1 – 0.

At the end of the day, both Mrs Hunter and I couldn’t be happier with the performance the children put in on that day. We thank those who participated and gave it their all and will miss those who won’t be able to participate with us next year, on the other hand we look forward to seeing what next year has to bring to those coming up to year 5 and 6 and look forward to working with them to improve their skills and follow in the success of this year’s team.

Mr Fender


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