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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Canterbury Minilympics

Year 3 and 4


Canterbury ‘Minilympics’

On Monday 12th June, 15 year 3 and 4 students from Green Park School competed in a large scale multi school event that took place at The King’s School Birley’s Pavilion. The children took part in multiple events and sports ranging from cricket, athletics, science field testing and a fun discussion based on healthy living.

At the cricket sector children were introduced to fun throwing games where they competed against another group to throw a ball at numerous targets. After that they then got into a fun batting game, hitting balls off cones and proceeding to run while the other team have to collect the balls and cones and place them in the correct position to stop the batters from running. These events were run by Kent cricket club who were a partner in the whole event.

The athletics sector included from throwing the javelin as far as they could, team long jumping, which is where children would run to where someone had jumped, and that would be the marker that they have to jump from next. There was a similar event where they had to throw a basketball backwards and where the ball landed, was the marker for the next thrower. Finally there was a 400M relay race where teams had to run the length of a 400M track in a relay style, passing the baton to the next person.

The science field testing seemed the most interesting to the children as there was a large variety of sporting technology to measure the children’s aspects of fitness. The equipment was used to measure strength, agility, power, speed, reaction, flexibility, acceleration and coordination. For strength children had two tests, one was a hand grip dynamometer to measure their hand strength, and the other was a device that measured how much they could dead lift without hurting themselves. In acceleration they had a T-test where they have to run a certain route that is in the shape of a T in the quickest time. In the speed and acceleration test they would start from a line, and run through these electronic gates that measure how fast they were going and how quickly they could run 20 meters. For the reaction test they simply have to catch a meter stick as quickly as they could after it was dropped. For the flexibility the used a sit and reach box to measure how far they can push the marker.

Finally the discussion about healthy living. The main aim of this discussion was to make children aware of how much sugar they could be consuming and how much they might usually consume on a daily basis. The children had to discuss how much sugar was in certain items from flavoured water and coca cola to biscuits and chocolate bars.

I believe the children enjoyed the whole event and went home with some valuable knowledge.

Children who participated: Faye Shaef, Oriana Vaughan-Griffiths, Oskar Maj, Haydn Shackson, Frankie Richardson, Karl Pay, Scarlett McGregor, Thomas Hawkins, James Goldsmith, Anna Goldsmith, Cameron Douglas, Elina Croasdale, Freya Neal, Freya Wood, Wesley Norris

Mr Fender


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