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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

School Dogs

Our school dogs Gilbert and Jacq

Gilbert and Jacq, our school dogs, have been part of our school for a while now. Gilbert is a loving, friendly chocolate Labrador who is classed as a member of staff at our incredibly, amazing school. Jacq is a greyhound. Her colour is called ‘blue’. She is a lovely, calm dog with a kind temperament. Gilbert loves chasing balls and Jacq loves chasing Gilbert!

Since Jacq and Gilbert have been at our fabulous school, the children’s good behaviour has increased because they both have a unique way of bringing children with everyday difficulties outside their shell and letting their good side shine. If a child is feeling emotional they can visit Gilbert or Jacq to relieve anxiety and potential stress. Also if a class’ behaviour has been exceptionally high, Gilbert or Jacq will come up to that specific class (as a reward) and in some of the mornings, the dogs will listen to some of the children read. They can get even reluctant readers to read! Another thing is that every lunchtime, children can join Mr Hawkins as he walks Jacq around our massive field. They try to race Jacq, but she’s just too fast!

I would highly recommend getting a school dog to all primary schools. Thank you for reading.

Reece H

Green Park Community Primary School







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