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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Our Curriculum

Curriculum information

Our school is an exciting place to learn.  Our vision is to give every child coming into our school an education they enjoy which prepares them for academic and personal success now and in the future.

The aim of our curriculum is to provide a broad and balanced subject range which challenges, engages and children enjoy learning.

Our Curriculum

Cornerstones Curriculum

This is an exciting topic based curriculum, with pupil engagement and creativity at its heart.  Each unit lasts for a complete half term and across the course of time all aspects of the National Curriculum are covered.

This programme embraces most curriculum subjects giving pupils a rounded learning experience where all of the subjects of the curriculum are interlinked.


In addition to the Cornerstones curriculum, we also have our White Rose Maths curriculum.  This supports our discrete teaching of maths and ensures the children are able to access different levels of challenge and depth of application. We also give children the opportunity to learn and practice key maths skills daily in a short guided maths session.  We promote the use and understanding of maths throughout our curriculum, encouraging children to use and apply their skills in science, geography, history, design technology and art.


We use Talk for Writing and quality key texts to help develop the skills of spoken language, reading and writing in accordance with the National Curriculum.  Children get exciting opportunities to write for a range of purposes, applying their grammatical handwriting and spelling skills.

Our prime approach to early reading is phonics. This builds the children's understanding of how words are constructed.  Children learn how to put sounds together to make complete words and then how to break words apart to spell them.  We teach children to develop comprehension skills to ensure that they understand what they read and develop skills of inference, deduction and factual retrieval.  Through reading a range of text types, the children are taught comprehension skills such as summarising, predicting, inferring and retrieving.  We are keen to develop children's vocabulary and consequently the use of thesauruses and dictionaries is encouraged.  The children have access to a wide range of texts which they are able to take home and share with their families. 

Handwriting and Spelling

We have high expectations of our pupils' spelling and presentation. By Upper Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to use pen for the majority of their writing, using a practical, fluid handwriting style. 


Our PE lessons are taught using the PE Hub scheme which leads our children through the many aspects of PE including gymnastics, athletics and developing a wide variety of skills.

Schools have to decide the scheme and syllabus they use for teaching RE. In this school we use the Kent Syllabus.

Curriculum by Year Group

Please use the links below to access your child’s current area of learning, if you have any further questions please contact the school.

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year R Do cow drink milk? Why do squirrels hide their nuts? Where does snow go? Are eggs alive? Why do Zebras have stripes? Who lives in a rock pool?
Year 1

Paw, Claws and Whiskers

- What is camouflage for?

- What can worms sense?


The Enchanted Woodland

- What's in a bud?

- How do leaves change?



Moon Zoom

-What keeps us dry?

-How does it feel?




Bright Lights, Big City






Memory Box






Rio de Vida/ Superheroes

- Can you be a superhero?

- What makes the loudest sound?



Year 2

Land Ahoy

- Why do boats float?

- Can you find the treasure?




Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

- Where do worms like to live?




Magnificent Monarchs

- Portraits and poses?





Scented garden

- How does grass grow?

- Can seeds grow anywhere?

-What's on your wellies?


- Will it degrade?

Beach hut





Movers and Shakers

- Teams Can you make a paper bridge?

How do germs spread?

Still life


Year 3


- What are flowers for?


Gods and Mortals

- Why did Icarus fall from the sky


Mighty Metals




Urban Pioneers



Rocks, relics and rumbles

- Ammonite


Through the ages

- Prehistoric pots



Year 4

Road trip USA

- Can we block sound?

- How can we change a sound?

- How far can sound travel?


I am Warrior

- Did the Romans use toilet roll?





Burps, bottoms and Bile

- How do smells get up your nose?

- What is spit for?

- How does toothpaste protect teeth?


Misty Mountain, Winding river






Traders and Raiders







Blue Abyss

- How does pollution affect habitats?

- Are all sea creatures the same?




Year 5


- Why does milk go off?





Scream machine

-What do Pullys do?





-How clean are your hands?

-How does the moon move?

- How do we know the Earth is round?

Off with her head

- Why does a compass always point North?



Sow Grow and Farm

- Eat The Seasons




Time Traveller

- Do we slow down as we get older?





Year 6

A Child's War

- Can you send a coded message?



Hola Mexico

- what colour is a shadow?




Frozen Kingdoms

- Why are things classified?



Darwin's Delight

- How have eyes evolved?

- What's in blood?

- What can your heart rate  tell you?



- Can fruit light a bulb?





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