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'Home Learning'

Over the coming weeks, staff will be uploading Home Learning tasks both on the school website and via the school Facebook pages on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To help your children adjust to staying at home, we suggest following a simple daily routine.

Encourage your children to wake up as normal and eat breakfast.

Dedicate some time to exercise, either indoors or out in the garden.

Allocate a set time for some school learning, with regular breaks (and small healthy snacks - to stop them eating constantly!).

Include some relaxed activities, such as crafts or colouring.

Let your children have some free time, whether that is to play on devices or watch TV.

Keep to normal bedtimes routines, bath and a bedtime story.

An example routine is shown to the left.


To give yourselves 30 minutes peace in the morning, let Joe 'The Body Coach' keep your kids active with a workout routine that can be done indoors: These will be live streamed Monday to Friday at 9am.

Follow this link to his Youtube channel to watch.

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Please use the tabs to navigate our Home Learning resources.