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Green Park Community Primary School

Green Park Community Primary School

Year 5 and 6 Forest School in term 1 (2018)

Kew, Royal and Olympic class


Year Five have been doing Forest School for the last term with Mr Husk. We do this to teach us about the Forest, to learn survival skills and how to work together.  I am here to tell you about Kew’s Forest School experience. For me, Forest School was really fun and inspiring because with my friend Lewis I created Project Eco. We were inspired to create this club when we found a worm suffocating. Lots of other children have joined our club and we want to run it at lunch times in school so more children learn how to look after our wildlife. My other favourite part was when we made things with conkers. Forest School rules!




We’ve had a great time at Forest School! It’s a place where we can be creative and free. At Forest School we learn things, make things and have so much fun, for example we made natural jewellery with conkers, wood and string. Sometimes it’s really cold outside so we got cosy by having a nice cup of hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows – lucky us! Also, we made waterproof shelters and put up hammocks to swing in. Additionally, we made mini fires with cotton wool, Vaseline and a flint and skill. It took some of us a long time to make. Finally, we climbed trees and explore the forest. We have loved Forest School and we wish that we could do it every day!

Suzana and Morgan



Over my term of Forest School I have had an overwhelming time. I have learnt lots of things and I found a newt camouflaged onto a tree. Also we made hammocks, drank hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows and made mini fires. All of these things were extremely fun, although you can’t do everything first try so you have to be resilient and persevere. For example, I tried to make a mini fire for ten minutes but I didn’t give up. I love Forest School. I love it as much as I love my parents and that is a lot.


Year 5 and 6


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